Stepping Out On Faith

Taking a step out on faith and leaving the corporate world was a difficult decision to make for my family and I. Now that the decision is made, I must say using my talents and doing the things I really love has been a freeing and fulfilling experience so far. The love I have for my family and passion for creating keeps me with the belief that I can do this and I can be my own boss. I admit I was scared of the changes at first. I went from having a structured schedule ( 7am-3:30pm ) and a steady income to setting my own schedule and my income depending on that. The financial effect on my family was the hardest part of my transition. It was terrifying because my husband and I have four children ranging from ages 2 to 13. Nowadays families not only need a steady income, they also need multiple incomes just to make ends meet. So God and Discipline has been a major part of my journey. I gave the workforce 20 plus years of my life and now it’s my time to shine on my own! It is my season for Grace and for Favor.

#Family #Work #Faith #Boss #GirlBoss #Discipline

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